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What causes drains to block?

General Use and Abuse: All waste pipes and drainage systems need cleaning or clearing out at some time. Drains are often subject to abuse: mud, slit, scale, grease and foreign objects inevitably accumulate over time and usually it's a case of when they black rather than if they block. More often that not people don't notice the problems until the pipe's capacity and regular flow is reduced to create the typical conditions for a blockage.

Structural Problems: Typically it's the underground drains and sewers that suffer from structural problems caused by the changing consistency of the ground around them (usually due to leakage, subsidence, tree roots and general corrosion). These problems can lead to obstructions or a reduction of the flow rate, resulting in blockages. More often than not, any structural defects are easily detected using a camera survey.

Our Techniques: JD Drainage's engineers have a wide range of techniques and equipment at hand to ensure that any blockages are not only properly cleared but that they do not re-occur. Our local engineer will recommend the most appropriate technique to resolve your problem.

Drain Rodding: The most basic technique is drain rodding. This involves running through the drains to eliminate or shift and blockages with rods, with an aim to restoring the free flowing conditions.

High Pressure Water Jetting: High Pressure Jetting is widely recognized as the most effective form of drainage clearance. A hose is placed within the walls of the pipe and fires powerful water jets through the drain itself. A nozzle at the hose end converts the water into jest cutting through and stripping any deposits from pipe walls at a high PSI, ultimately flushing all waste out and and restoring the full potential flow.

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